Currently, our company has over 12 online stores worldwide in: Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Hungary, Austria, Germany, America, Luxembourg and Romania, and we intend to expand our online sales activities in over 196 countries next 5 years.

The main categories of products marketed by NedRo are watches, perfumes, cosmetics, jewelry, accessories, clothing, electronics, computer & gaming accessories and household supplies.

NedRo enriches its offer by introducing new products daily at unbeatable prices.

The objective of NedRo online stores is based on the following principles:

- introduction on the European market the latest in fashion, semiprecious jewelry, supplies and cosmetics;

- offer the lowest online prices possible;

- provide professional services to our customers.

Name: Holland Electronics B.V. (NedRo)

Web site:

Address: Ruysdaelbaan 3C, 5642 JJ Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Phone number : +31 40 369 0065

Email address:

Chamber of Commerce number: 86055836

We are happy to wish you "Welcome" to NedRo