Battery for Lenovo Typ L10S6Y01 Li-Ion

OTB, Battery for Lenovo Typ L10S6Y01 Li-Ion, Lenovo laptop batteries, ON1532-CB

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USD $ 28,10 tax excl.
  • 4400mAh

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ON1532 4400mAh 1 USD $ 28,10
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    Condition: New product


    • Type: Li-Ion
    • Capacity: 4400mAh
    • Voltage: 11,1V (Note!: Verify the voltage of your battery. There are multiple voltages of the battery on the market. If the voltage is different, may damage your device and the functionality is not guaranteed!)

    Replaces following battery models:

    • 121000916, 121000917, 121000918, 121001032, 121001033, 121001034, 57Y6440, 57Y6567, 57Y6568, L09N6D16, L09S6D16, L10L6Y01, L10N6Y01, L10S6Y01 und baugleiche

    The battery is suitable for:

    • Lenovo IdeaPad B560 Serien IdeaPad B560 / IdeaPad B560A
    • IdeaPad Y460 063334U / IdeaPad Y460 063335U / IdeaPad Y460 063346U / IdeaPad Y460 063347U / IdeaPad Y460 / IdeaPad Y460A / IdeaPad Y460A-IFI / IdeaPad Y460A-ITH / IdeaPad Y460AT / IdeaPad Y460C-ITH / IdeaPad Y460G / IdeaPad Y460N / IdeaPad Y460N-IFI / IdeaPad Y460N-ITH / IdeaPad Y460N-PSI / IdeaPad Y460P-IFI / IdeaPad Y460P-ISE / IdeaPad Y460P-ITH
    • Lenovo IdeaPad V560 Serien IdeaPad V560 / IdeaPad V560A
    • Lenovo IdeaPad Y560 Serien IdeaPad Y560 / IdeaPad Y560A / IdeaPad Y560A-IFI / IdeaPad Y560A-ITH / IdeaPad Y560DT-ISE / IdeaPad Y560G / IdeaPad Y560P-IFI / IdeaPad Y560P-ISE / IdeaPad Y560P-ITH / IdeaPad Y560PT-ISE
    • Target platform Laptop battery
    • Compositions Lithium-Ion
    • Voltage 11.1V
    • Warranty 1 year

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