VARTA Max Tech LR6 / AA / R6 / MN 1500 1.5V Alkaline battery

Varta, VARTA Max Tech LR6 / AA / R6 / MN 1500 1.5V Alkaline battery, Size AA, BS155-CB

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USD $ 4,88 tax excl.

USD $ 4,88 per 4x AA VARTA / Blister

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BS155-1x 1x Blister 1061 USD $ 4,88
BS155-5x 5x Blisters 212 USD $ 15,64
BS155-10x 10x Blisters 106 USD $ 29,34
BS155-20x 20x Blisters 53 USD $ 55,76
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    Condition: New product


    Precise power consumption: The VARTA Max Tech has been developed for devices with irregular and very high energy requirements, Such as flashlights, digital cameras and game consoles.

    • MAX TECH - Precise power for digital devices
    • Precise energy for high-tech devices, Eg flashlights, digital cameras, game consoles, etc.
    • Clear application suggestions by symbols on the packaging
    • "Made in Germany" as proof of origin and quality on packaging
    • "Single Press Out" allows easy opening of the pack and uncomplicated storage of the individual batteries
    • VARTA guarantees an extended shelf life of 10 years


    • Varta Max Tech battery
    • Varta Type 04706
    • Size: AA / LR6 / Mignon
    • Voltage: 1,5V
    • Electrochemical system: Primary alkaline manganese (ZN / MNO2)
    • Type Single Use
    • Style Mignon
    • Target platform Alkaline batteries
    • Compositions Alkaline
    • Amperage Does not apply
    • Voltage 1.5V
    • Capacity Does not apply
    • Characteristics Storage life up to 10 years
    • Best before: 2028
    • Warranty 1 week
    • Made in Germany
    • Manufacturing number AA

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