Varta AA LR6 Mignon 2900mAh 1.5V Lithium Battery

Varta - Varta AA LR6 Mignon 2900mAh 1.5V Lithium Battery - Size AA - BS132-CB

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    BS132-1x1x Blister1054 USD $ 10,03
    BS132-5x5x Blisters210 USD $ 39,14
    BS132-10x10x Blisters105 USD $ 73,27
    BS132-20x20x Blisters52 USD $ 139,52
    BS132-2x2x Blisters527 USD $ 18,06
    BS132-3x3x Blisters351 USD $ 25,09
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      The VARTA Lithium product range meets the highest quality and performance requirements. Working as a perfect solution for energy-intensive applications such as z. B. Digital cameras, GPS devices and smoke detectors lithium batteries extremely well, especially under extreme conditions. This temperature fluctuations from -40 to +60 degrees Celsius to be mastered. High-tech devices are supplied with a maximum of performance and endurance. Lithium round cells are compared also up to 38% lighter than alkaline batteries, making it ideal for any sports and outdoor use.

      • Varta Lithium - Professional power for extreme conditions
      • Professional energy for digital cameras, GPS systems etc.
      • Best suited for extreme temperatures from -40 to +60 degrees Celsius
      • VARTA guarantees a longer shelf life of 15 years


      • Varta Max Tech battery
      • Varta Type 06106
      • Format / Size: AA / LR6 / Mignon
      • Voltage / Voltage: 1.5V
      • Electrochemical system: Primary Lithium Card Power (LI / IRON DI)
      • Type Single Use
      • Style Mignon
      • Target platform Lithium batteries
      • Compositions Lithium
      • Amperage Does not apply
      • Voltage 1.5V
      • Capacity 2900mAh
      • Characteristics Extended Capacity
      • Best before: 2032
      • Warranty 1 week
      • Made in China
      • Manufacturing number 06106