VARTA Max Tech LR03 / AAA / R03 / MN 2400 1.5V alkaline battery

Varta - VARTA Max Tech LR03 / AAA / R03 / MN 2400 1.5V alkaline battery - Size AAA - BS156-CB

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BS156-1x 1x Blister 985 USD $ 4,54
BS156-5x 5x Blisters 197 USD $ 15,46
BS156-10x 10x Blisters 98 USD $ 27,29
BS156-20x 20x Blisters 49 USD $ 51,87
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    Condition: New product


    Precise energy use: The VARTA Max Tech was developed for devices with irregular and very high energy demand such as flash devices, digital cameras and game consoles..

    MAX TECH - Precise energy for digital devices
    Precise energy for high-tech devices, such. As flash devices, digital cameras, game consoles, etc.
    Clear application suggestions by symbols on the packaging
    "Made in Germany" as a guarantee of origin and of quality on the packaging
    "Single Press Out" enables easy opening of the pack and easy storage of the individual batteries
    VARTA guarantee an extended shelf life of 10 years


    • Varta Max Tech battery
    • Varta Type 04703
    • Format: AAA / LR03 / Micro
    • Voltage: 1.5V
    • Electrochemical system: Primary Alkaline Manganese (ZN / MnO2)
    • Type Single Use
    • Style AAA, LR03, R03, R3, MN 2400
    • Target platform Alkaline batteries
    • Compositions Alkaline
    • Amperage Does not apply
    • Voltage 1.5V
    • Capacity Does not apply
    • Characteristics Storage life up to 10 years
    • Best before: 2027
    • Warranty 1 week
    • Made in Germany
    • Manufacturing number AAA

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