Single Color Dimmer 12V-24V Plug and Play


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Single Color Dimmer 12V-24V Plug and Play

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This luxurious designed dimmer is ideal for dimming our LED strips in the living room.

It has a nice design and works perfectly with Single Color LED Strips of 60 LEDs per meter.

Note: This dimmer works only with the 60 LEDs per meter single color LED strips. Because the power output is up to 3A / 36W is this dimmer not suitable for the higher voltage.


- Input 12-24V DC

- Output 12V / 36W or 24V / 72W

User guide:

1) First, the power adapter.

2) Then connect the LED strip.

3) You can now dim to preference.

Note: The wrong way of connections may cause a short circuit.

  • Célplatformja Világítás
  • Stílus Dimmer
  • Feszültség 12V / 24V


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