Full-Size Flexible USB or PS2 keyboard


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Full-Size Flexible USB or PS2 keyboard

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The flexible keyboard is made from high quality silicone.

This keyboard makes it practical, durable, comfortable and flexible.

The unique material is cleaned with soap and water as possible and the keyboard is resistant to dirt, coffee, tea and soft drinks.

You can simply spill with a wet cloth to wipe up and you can continue working.

The keyboard is so flexible that you can roll up and take you anywhere you go.

Fits easily in your briefcase, backpack or notebook.

The soft material allows for very fast typing without noise as possible.

The flat design relieves the wrists.

Windows keys


Cable length: approx 1.5 m

No drivers required

System Requirements: Windows 98/2000/Me/XP /Windows Vista/Windows 7/ Windows 8

Available USB or PS / 2 port required

USB to PS/2 converter included - Note! The main connection is USB. PS2 is an adapter (USB >> PS2)

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