2in1 IDE HDD to SATA Hard Drive Serial ATA 1.5 Gbp CL816

NedRo - 2in1 IDE HDD to SATA Hard Drive Serial ATA 1.5 Gbp CL816 - SATA en ATA adapters - CL816 www.NedRo.nl

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Referentie: CL816

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2in1 IDE HDD to SATA Hard Drive Serial ATA 1.5 Gbp Converter ATA 100/133 red CL816

This Adapter Does it All , SATA Hard Drive To IDE Converter or IDE Drive to SATA Host Converter.This is a Bi-Direction converter for serial and parallel ATA translation .

  • It includes the Serial ATA PHY , Link, Transport and Parallel ATA (application layer) controller.
  • the Serial ATA physical , link and transport layers are compliant to serial ATA I/II .
  • this Converter support a 3GHz Data Rate.
  • With LED indicated Power
  • Easy install & no Driver Needed
  • Serial ATA 1.0/2.0 Specification Compliant
  • Automatic Serial ATA 1.5 Gbps Speed negotiation
  • ATA /ATAPI PIO mode 0 to 4
  • ATA / ATAPI Ultra DMA of Transfer rate 16.7 , 25, 33, 48, 66, 100, 133 , 150, 300MB/s.
  • ATA /ATAPI LBA48 addressing node associated with 2-byte sector count
  • Support Serial ATA hot-Plug
  • Ultra low power Consumption
  • Work for both AC and DC couple between the transmitter and the receiver
  • Provide Specified OOB signal detection and Transmission
  • Support Spread Spectrum Clocking to reduce EMI
  • Support Partial / Slumber Power Management
  • Provide adjustable TX signal amplitude and pre-emphasis level
  • Slave Support
  • Support Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista
  • Original box: NO
  • Color: Red
  • Item size: 51*49*6(max)mm
  • Net weight: 29g
  • Package weight: 38g
  • 1 x IDE to SATA Converter
  • 1 x SATA Cable
  • 1 x Power Cable

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