iMirror Play for iPhone and iPad Wireless AV Transmitter YAI459

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iMirror Play For Apple iPhone iPad and iPod

This iMirror Play lets you wirelessly extend your iPhone or iPad screen to a monitor, LCD TV or projector. Play games, presentations, photos and videos on fullscreen.

Supported Devices:

iPhone 3G / 3GS and iPhone 4G

iPad 1 and iPad 2

iPod Touch 3/4 and iPod Nano


Play games from your iPhone or iPad to LCD TV or projector

Photos and videos play fullscreen

Watching movies on TV or beamer

View presentations using your projector or on a blackboard

Technical Specifications:

Battery: 500mAh + Smart Charging

Video Format: NTSC / PAL

Number of selectable channels: 4

Frequency: 2.4Ghz

Transmitter Connections: Apple 30 Pins Conenctor Dock, Mini U.S.

Connections Receiver: Apple 30-pin dock connector, Mini USB USB 2.0, AV Out, DC.



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