DVI Repeater Extender up to 50m 1080p and 1.65Gbps UG288

UGREEN, DVI Repeater Extender up to 50m 1080p and 1.65Gbps UG288, DVI si DisplayPort adaptoare, UG288, EtronixCenter.com

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DVI Repeater Extender up to 50m 1080p and 1.65Gbps


DVI repeater extender is with built-in signal booster and can extend high quality DVI video signal up to 150ft/50m away from the source device by connecting two DVI cables together, which allows for the video source to be in a secure, remote location for controlled access while still delivering signal to devices in another area. It works by using the internal power of the DVI bus to enhance and repeat the signal to the display. An ideal choice for home theater, multimedia demonstration, playstation, HDTV, etc.


Supports resolutions up to 1080p;

Support signal transfer rates up to 1.65Gbps per channel(4.95Gbps total);

No extra power needed, plug and play, easy to install;

DC-Jack is optional for power;

Maximum signal input length based on gauge of wire as follows:

-0 to 45m/150ft over standard 24AWG DVI cable;

-0 to 35m/115ft over standard 28AWG DVI cable;

-0 to 30m/100ft over standard 30AWG DVI cable;

Support output length up to 15m/50ft over standard 24AWG DVI cable.

Ideal for home theater, multimedia demonstration, playstaion, HDTV etc.

Color: Aluminum Case

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